A Guide To Get Space And Robot Goat In Goat Simulator Game

Space goat is one of the most powerful goats in this game. It is a mutator goat which can turn into bobblehead from sanctum 2. It is a unique goat which hurts the enemy using eyestalk instead of headbutting.

Guide To Get Space And Robot Goat In Goat Simulator

How to Get Space Goat in Goat Simulator Game?

If you want to get hands on space goat, then follow the method below:

  • You can find the space goat on top of a crashed UFO in Goat city Bay (2nd Special Map in goat simulator)
  • To bring it down, you need a power ring.
  • Power Ring is available at alley four buildings far from skyscraper.
  • Once you get the power ring, you have to put it into garage near the river.
  • Further, you will drag the alien goat to the crashed UFO and keep it just behind the resurrection stone.
  • Now, you will turn into an alien and spawn as a space goat.

How to Get Robot Goat in Goat Simulator?

To unlock Robot Goat using the information provided:

  • Locate and bring G-2 from the open shipping container in GoatVille (map in goat simulator) to the scary Pentagram in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Detach G-2 inside the Pentagram.
  • Find the Walker statue inside the Starter House’s second-floor room with yellow walls and attach it to the Pentagram.
  • Detach the statue inside the Pentagram, then locate and retrieve the next Walker statue from the yard near the Starter House.
  • Discover the last Walker statue on the treehouse, accessed using a trampoline, and attach it to the Pentagram.
  • Congratulations, now you have full access to robot goat.

Abilities of Robot Goat

Robot goat is also one of the powerful goats in goat simulator. It has the power to turn your goat into robot goat 2 which is also referred as G-2. Some of the special abilities of Robot goat are:

  • It can throw items using headbutting
  • On the right hand of robot goat, it has a black strap which is used instead of licking objects.
  • Robot goats have the ability to roll around in a ball shape.
  • It used headbutts to hurt the enemy.

How to Unlock All Goats in Goat Simulator

In goat simulator game, there are many goats available to unlock. You choose any goat you want. Each goat possesses different abilities and perks. However, you have to collect some required golden goats to unlock each gate. Below we have mentioned, how to unlock different goats in goat simulator:

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Tall Goat

Tall Goat

You can get tall goat once you have collected 5 golden goats

Giant Goat

Giant Goat

This goat gets unlocked at 20 golden goats.

Evil Goat

Evil Goat

Evil goat gets unlocked when players bring five bodies at pentagram circle.

Ripped Goat

Ripped Goat

It is the most strongest goat amongst all. Ripped goat can only be unlocked when you defeat other goats in the fighting arena.

Feather Goat

Feather Goat

Feather Goat gets unlocked when a player collects 10 golden goats.

Note: If you want to avoid the hustle of unlocking all goats one by one, we recommend you to download Goat Simulator MOD APK. It is the modified version of the game where all the goats are accessible without the need to unlock them. Even robots and space goats are available for users to access them.


We have included all the information regarding getting a robot and space goat in the goat simulator. To conclude, you can find the space goat in goat city bay on top of crashed UFO. On the other hand, you will get a Robot Goat in GoatVille and bring it down to a scary pentagram near rocky mountains. However, If you freely want to unlock these goats then use the modified version of the game.

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