How Do You Open More Gates In Unmatched Air Traffic Control?

Gates in unmatched air traffic control refers to the area where your planes park once they land at the airport. They are very important as they ensure the safe parking of the planes. They also help with boarding as well as taking off the plane. There are three types of gates in this game including:

  • Alpha Gates: Small gates for small airplanes.
  • Bravo Gates: Medium-sized gates for medium-sized airplanes.
  • Charlie Gates: Large-sized gates for large-sized airplanes.
How Do You Open More Gates In Unmatched Air Traffic Control

However, in this game, the gates are locked for the players, and they need to open them. We will tell you how you can open gates. But before that, keep in mind these few things about gates so that you can have a better understanding of them:

  • Only one gate can be bought at once.
  • You should have 5 airplanes for unlocking the gates.
  • Gates get unlocked one by one.
  • You can only buy the gates that are unlocked for you.
  • Each time you would buy a new gate, its price would rise.

Some Tips to Open Gates in Unmatched Air Traffic Control

After covering the best tips and tricks of unmatched air traffic control to become a pro player, now we have brought you some best tips for unlocking more gates in unmatched air traffic control. Here are the most useful of them:

Collect Coins

Collect Coins

 Gates are locked. You are supposed to unlock them. Therefore, you need to earn as much coins as you can. There are multiple ways through which you can earn coins. It includes completing multiple challenges, landing airplanes and watching ads. A pro tip is to focus on landing of the complex airplanes because they would earn you more coins.

Collect Airplanes

Collect Airplanes

 Gates can only be bought if you have a minimum of 5 airplanes. Therefore, you first need to focus on buying airplanes and build up your fleet. A pro tip is to focus on buying cheap airplanes first instead of the expensive ones. It is because you can get 5 cheap airplanes easily with less money. Here, find out the list of all aero planes available in unmatched air traffic control.

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Upgrade Airport

Upgrade Airport

 For buying more gates, one tip is to upgrade the airport. It would automatically unlock a number of features and abilities that will help you in earning more coins through which you can buy gates. Moreover, as the airport is upgraded, you need more gates, hence a large variety of gates would be unlocked for you.

Buy Cheap Gates First

Buy Cheap Gates First

 To open more gates in less time, it is very important to buy gates first that are cheapest. It will save your money and you will be able to unlock more and more gates. However, sometimes you can go out of order as well, as per the requirements of the game. For instance, you need to complete a challenge in which a certain type of airplane can only be parked at a certain gate.

Get Mod Version

Get Mod Version

 The most easy way to unlock all the gates is to download unmatched air traffic control mod apk. In this version, all the gates of the game are fully unlocked from the beginning of the game.

Steps to Open Gates in Unmatched Air Traffic Control

Some steps to open gates in this game are:

Steps to Open Gates in Unmatched Air Traffic Control
  • First open the game.
  • At the bottom of the screen, an airport tab would be present. Click on that.
  • Now click on the gates button. A list of all the available gates would open to you.
  • See the prices of the gates that are written next to them. Decide which gate you want to buy based on the money.
  • Click on the buy button of the gate that you like. This will automatically add the gate to the airport.

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid for Opening the gate

Many players find it hard to open gates in this game. It happens because they are making certain mistakes. Some of the most common ones are as follow:

Some Common Mistakes to Avoid for Opening the gate
  • Earning less coins.
  • Collecting less airplanes.
  • Skipping Ads.
  • Not upgrading airports frequently.
  • Not taking part in challenges frequently.

Make sure to avoid all these mistakes so that you can open the gates easily. Also, learn how to use voice recognition in unmatched air traffic control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the level of the players. You can open one gate at level 1. However, you can open more and more gates when your level increases.

The minimum cost of opening a gate is 500 coins. However, the cost would keep increasing with every gate you would buy.

You do not need to pay real money to open the gates. However, you cannot open gates without paying in-game money.


Opening gates is very crucial in Unmatched Air Traffic Control. However, many players find it difficult. But we have presented a complete guide on how you can open gates easily including tips, step by step procedures, and some common mistakes to avoid. We hope that our info will help you in opening the gates for sure!!!

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