How To Add Friends On Monopoly Go And Play Together

Monopoly Go is a famous android board game created by Scopely. The game has recently become quite famous among android game players due to its healthy and lucrative gameplay. As the name implies, the gameplay of monopoly go is based on the famous childhood game “monopoly” where you roll dice and move your piece around the board against the odds you get.

The board of the monopoly is square and every landing place has some properties like going to jail, buying a house, renting mortgage and so on. The place your piece or token has landed, you have to complete that task and then the “turn” goes to opponent. The game keeps on playing until one player owns the total property on the board. To know more about the game in detail read our detailed article on monopoly go mod apk

How to Add Friends on Monopoly Go and Play Together

Monopoly Go can be played between two or more players. You can also play this amazing board game with your friends by inviting them. As many users find it difficult to invite the players, we will share the exact procedure with you in this article. Using this method, you can easily play monopoly go with your friends. Playing with friends over the AI opponent always enhances the gameplay. You can also check How To Get Free Rolls And Dice In Monopoly Go?

How to Add Friends on Monopoly Go?

Adding friends in monopoly is quite simple and easy. Basically, there are four different options you can use to invite your friends on monopoly go. You can select these options from the main menu option. Below are the four main options you can use: You can also How To Trade Cards In Monopoly Go.

  • Facebook: The most simple and easy way to add your friends on monopoly go is using fb option. Just add your Facebook account with monopoly go and all of your friends who play monopoly go will be added. Once they are added, send them a challenge.
facebook monopoly go
  • Contacts: Another option which you can try to add your friends is using contacts option. Allow monopoly go to access your number contacts and your friends will be added automatically.
  • Add Random People: Adding random people is also a good option to add friends in monopoly go. Each time you open your friends list, you can see the three suggestions by monopoly go. You can also send them friend request. Upon accepting, they also become your friends in the game. You can also check monopoly go rules.
random people
  • Invite: The last option is to try out the invite link. Using this option, you can send the link to your any friend. When they click on invitation link and install the game, they automatically gets added to your friends list. Moreover, you also share this invitation link on your fb timeline or WhatsApp status. This will allow you to add multiple friends in one go.

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We have covered all the important option regarding how to add friends on monopoly go. To sum up, you can play monopoly go with friends by using four easy options which includes adding random people, using invite link and allowing access to Facebook and Contacts. Use any of the option you like and make your gameplay more fun by playing together with your friends and family.

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