How To Level Up In Everskies? (7 Best Methods To Level Up In Everskies)

Everskies is an old 3d dress-up game that has won the hearts of millions of people across the globe. Despite being launched late in 2015, it still has a huge user base who want to level up in this game. However, most people don’t know How to level up in Everskies? Levelling up in Everskies is very easy. I’ll teach you how to do that in this article. 

How To Level Up In Everskies (7 Best Methods To Level Up In Everskies)

This article will be a treasure for people who want to progress in the Everskies game, so ensure you don’t leave it halfway read. 

Why is It Important to Level up in Everskies Game?

Levelling up in the Everskies game is important if you want to explore new features and challenges in the game. The more you level up in the game, the more interesting it starts to get. As you progress, you’ll have the chance to access cooler gear, powerful abilities, customization, and maybe even unlock hidden areas that were previously off-limits.

Why is It Important to Level up in Everskies Game?

These are all features and customizations why you need to level up in the Everskies game. I’ve mentioned only those features of the game that are freely available. However, there are some premium features and items in the game as well. If you don’t want to pay for them but still want to enjoy them, then you can download Everskies mod APK. 

This modified version of the game will give you access to all of the premium features of the Everskies game for free. Also, it’ll give you free stardust that you can use to buy any items in the game. If you want to get Stardust in Everskies, then read our post “How to get Stardust in Everskies?”. 

Now the question is, How to level up in Everskies? Let’s find that out.

How To Level Up In Everskies?

If you want to level up in the Everskies game, you can do that by engaging with different types of features. Check out everything you have to do to level up.

Step 1: Complete Quests

Complete Quests

There are many amazing quests in the game that you must complete to level up. Quests are challenges designed to keep you engaged in the game so you never get bored. But the best part? The more challenges you complete in the Everskies game, the more you level up. These challenges include attending an event, creating an avatar, or interacting with others.

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You gain experience points (XP) when you accomplish these tasks, which grease your levelling journey. You rise in rank faster the more quests you complete.

Step 2: Participate in Events

Participate in Events

You’re not just going on your own journey with Everskys; you’re part of a vibrant community. Keep an eye out for special events and challenges that pop up periodically. 

These events don’t just show off – they give you XP. Participate in these challenges, complete the objectives, and watch your XP increase. You’ll style outfits, hunt for things in-game, or collaborate with other players.

However, If you want to learn the way of making a magazine in the Everskies game, then read our article How to make a magazine on Everskies?

Step 3: Socialise


In Everskies, mingling is more than just rubbing virtual elbows; it’s a golden ticket to levelling up. Attend parties, fashion shows, and gatherings to connect with other players. 

As you mix and mingle, you’ll earn XP bonuses on top of the joy of making new connections. So, start conversations, show off your fashionable avatars, and maybe even find like-minded virtual buddies.

Step 4: Decorate Your Space

Decorate Your Space

Every furniture piece, curtain, and trinket in your virtual home is a brushstroke you put on canvas. The goal isn’t just to keep your space looking good – it’s to keep it levelled up too. 

You’re on your way to the next level whenever you give your space a fresh look. Arrange furniture, experiment with decor, and maybe even change the color scheme. Moreover. If you want to make a raffle in Everskies, then check How to make a raffle in Everskies?”.

Step 5: The Galaxy Hunt

The Galaxy Hunt

You get flares when you finish missions. You get more than bragging rights when you level up in the Galactic Hunt. The perks are all about the experience points, stardust, and sometimes even stuff for your avatar. 

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As a result, you’re not just levelling up when you try to reach that higher level, you’re also setting yourself up to get more rewards and have a seriously boosted Everskies journey.

Step 6: Achievements


Keeping track of achievements gives you XP. Accomplishing certain milestones or objectives gives you XP. Additionally, If you want to make clothes on everskies then feel free to read “How to make clothes on Everskies?”.

Step 7: Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards

Remembering to log in daily has its perks in Everskies. You’re greeted with rewards each day you pop into the virtual realm. Some days might even bless you with XP boosters, giving your levelling journey a swift kick in the right direction. So, make it a habit to swing by the game regularly; it’s a small effort with potentially big rewards.

These are all the best steps to level up in the Everskies game. You can earn more points by easily following the above-mentioned steps and levelling up in the game.

Let me answer a few of your frequently asked questions about the topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can make money on Everskies by designing and selling items in the Creator Studio or by becoming a moderator or ambassador.

Everskies is a virtual world where users can create and customise their own avatars, interact with other users, and participate in a variety of activities.

Yes, you can sell clothes in Everskies. You can create your own clothes or buy them from other users.

Final Words

How to level up in Everskies? To level up in Everskies, you must complete quests, participate in events, socialize, decorate your space, complete collections, get daily rewards, and focus on Galaxy Hunt.

That’s it. Feel free to ask more questions in the comment section below.

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