How To Make Clothes On Everskies? (An Ultimate Guide)

Designing items on Everskies that attract more and more people can earn you a very good amount of stardust (the virtual currency in the game) that you can use to grow further in the game. One of the items that attracts most people is clothing. If you make clothes and then post them on Everskies, if the moderators approve them, they’ll be available for sale. This way, whoever buys your clothes will earn stardust in the game. Sounds interesting?

How To Make Clothes On Everskies(An Ultimate Guide)

But, How to make clothes on Everskies? Don’t worry, I’ll not only teach you how to make clothes but also how to save outfits on Everskies after making them. Moreover, you can enjoy premium features by downloading Everskies mod APK.

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Benefits of making Outfits on Everskies

Making outfits on Everskies has a lot of advantages for you as a game player. Let’s go through each one.

You Get Stardust

You Get Stardust

The biggest advantage of making clothes on Everskies is that you can earn virtual currency, which is called stardust in the game. When you submit your design to the game, the moderator approves it, and then they put your clothes for sale on the game. 

Now, whoever likes your virtual clothes in the game can buy them by giving you stardust. And that stardust can be used to buy further clothes, customization items, and stuff in the game.

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Show Your Creativity

Show Your Creativity

You can show the world your creativity with your design. You can be as creative with your clothing design as possible and then stand out among thousands of other people who have made the same outfits as you. 

Also, when people see your creative designs and like them, they may buy them, as I’ve mentioned above.  And the second thing that you get by showing your creativity is popularity on the platform.

Express Yourself Like Never Before

Express Yourself Like Never Before

Clothes often speak louder than words. Designing your own outfits on Everskies gives you a fresh canvas for self-expression. Whether you’re feeling bold, elegant, or quirky, your clothes can tell your story without saying a word.However,If you want to level up in the Everskies game, then read “How to level up in Everskies?”.

Perfect Fit, Every Time

Perfect Fit, Every Time

Making your own clothes allows you to ensure they fit exactly. No more compromising on sleeve length or waist size-it’s all about the perfect fit.

Engaging and Immersive Experience

Engaging and Immersive Experience

Creating clothes is an immersive experience, so explore the tools, experiment with different options, and see how your ideas come to life. It’s a whole new layer of gameplay.

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You Improve your design skills

You Improve your design skills

If you want to be a fashionable designer one day, making and designing clothes will help you hone your fashion design skills. Although you’re making virtual clothes, the creativity, colouring, and customization required to make those clothes are the same as what you’ll require in your real life. So, there isn’t any difference.

But now the question is, How to make clothes on Everskies? That’s what we’re going to learn now.

How To Make Clothes on Everskies?

Making clothes on Everskies is easy if you follow all of the steps that I tell you. To make sure you don’t miss anything, I’ll guide you step by step. 

Step 1: Find Your Design Inspiration

Find Your Design Inspiration

The first thing that you should look for is what type of design you want your clothes to have. When you have a design idea in mind, you’ll know in what direction you have to go in the editing process. But if you make the clothes without knowing the outcome’s design, you may end up making something that you do not like at all.

Step 2: Choose Your Design Direction

Choose Your Design Direction

Once you’re full of ideas, pick a style you like. From laid-back to upscale, or even edgy to elegant, this choice will set the tone for your colours, patterns, and textures.

Step 3: Sketch Your Design Concept

Sketch Your Design Concept

Sketch your design on paper. I’m not asking you to make a complete design on paper, but a design that you’ve come up with after going through magazines and articles to get the design idea. That sketch will work for you as a guideline for what your clothing design should look like.

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Step 4: Bring Your Design to the Creator Studio

Bring Your Design to the Creator Studio

Once you’ve sketched the design, it’s now time to make your way to the Creator Studies of Everskies, where the real magic will happen. Here, we’ll start making our design.

Steps to create a new Design:

  • Go to the Creator Studio by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to your avatar headshot and selecting “Creator Studio”.
  • Click on the “Create new design” option.
  • Select the type of item you want to create (e.g., top, bottom, hair, etc.).

Step 5: Design Your Clothes

Design Your Clothes

Now it’s time to design your clothes. In Everskies Creator, you can edit everything. Let’s see how you’ll use each to design your clothes.


  • Create the basic shape of your design using the drawing tool.
  • Add text or labels with the text tool.
  • Create curves and circles with the shape tool.
  • Keep track of different elements with the layers panel.
  • Make sure to use a solid 1×1 pixel outline for your design.
  • Use appropriate shading to make your design look realistic.S

Step 6 : Customise Your Clothes

Customise Your Clothes

Create the basic shape of your design, then customise it by adding colours, textures, and patterns. Text or shapes can also be added.

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  • Make sure your colours complement each other by using the colour wheel.
  • If you want patterns in your design, you can use the pattern library.
  • Use the shading tool to add depth and dimension to your design.

Step 7: Share Your Design via Upload

Share Your Design via Upload
  • After you’re done designing your item, you can upload it to Everskies. Click the “Upload” button.

Your design is ready for its debut. Moreover, you can also check “How to make a magazine on Everskies?”

Step 8: Get Your Design Approved and Published

Get Your Design Approved and Published

Once you upload your item, it will be reviewed by the Everskies team. If it meets the platform’s quality standards, it will be published so you can start selling it. Anybody who buys your clothes will pay you in virtual currency stardust.

That’s how you can make clothes on Exercises with ease. 

How To Save Outfits On Everskies?

After making the clothes, the next thing you’ll want to do is to save them. So, how to save outfits on Everskies? To save outfits on Everskies, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Click on the avatar icon in the top left corner to open the Appearance window.
  • Go to the “Edit Outfit” button.
  • Choose the clothes and accessories you want to save as an outfit.
  • Save the outfit by clicking “Save Outfit”.
  • You can name your outfit and click “Save”.

That’s how easy it is to save outfits on Everskies.


Making money on Everskies is possible by selling your items. You can get paid in virtual currency stardust for your clothes. 

Yes, you can sell your virtual clothes on Everskies. Just make them: once they’re ready, you can then get them approved by the Everskies moderators and then they’ll put them for sale on the platform. 

Final Words

Now you know how to make clothes on Everskies. Also, you know how to save outfits on Everskies. Still, if you need my help with anything related to the topic, you can hit the comment section below.

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