How To Play Yalla Ludo With Friends And Family?

Are you a fan of old school board games? The ones that all of us were gaga for but cannot play anymore due to our modern and busy lifestyle. If you missing playing these games then we have a solution for you in the form of Yalla ludo for you! Yalla ludo is the most incredible gaming platform that allows you to play everyone’s all time favorite ludo and domino games.

Yalla ludo is one of the most incredible games you will have ever played. If for the longest time you have been feeling nostalgic about the ludo games that we used to play in our childhood with all our friends and families and how happy such times were. Thanks to yalla ludo, you can now relive all those moments that too on your phone whenever and wherever you desire.

How To Play Yalla Ludo With Friends And Family

Come let’s get into more exciting and intriguing details of yalla ludo.

Is Yalla ludo a Multiplayer game?

Yes, the incredibly fun Yalla ludo is a multiplayer game. You have the option to play this game with the AI generated player but if you want to play with real lifepeople you can do that too.

Is Yalla ludo a Multiplayer game

You can either invite your friends by tapping Play with Friends. You will have to send a link to them which they will need to accept, download the yalla ludo in their device and then you can play with them. Another option is to play with random people on the game too. These people can be from any part of the world. If you are not aware of how to invite friends then learn it below.

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How to Play Yalla ludo with Friends?

After providing you the tips and tricks to master yalla ludo, here is a metho which you can follow to invite friends in yalla ludo. All you have to do is:

How to Play Yalla ludo with Friends
  • Click on the social page of Yalla ludo to open it.
  • Then you will have to select the Facebook friends option.
  • After this you will have to click on the invite icon. Once you click on this icon an invite message will be generated by the Yalla ludo itself which needs to be sent to the people you want to play with.
  • Then choose Facebook friends in your friend list and send this invitation message
  • Any person that is on your Facebook friends list and has downloaded theYalla ludo app can play this game with you.
  • After your invite is accepted, the invited person will then be required to log in to this game.
  • Create a private room where you can invite FB friends to play the game together.

And this is how you play with your friends in the Yalla ludo game.


The Yalla ludo is an amazing game that revives the fun’s nostalgia. This game is free to download and play. Also, the yalla ludo mod version gives you extra features which makes it more amazing. You can play it in both single and multiplayer modes. Moreover, you can play it both online and offline too. So download the Yalla ludo and enjoy now.

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